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If You’re Not In…

woa_promophoto-9…you don’t get to win.

We’re down to the final two performances of War Of Attrition. And when it’s gone, it’s gone and it ain’t coming back again. You have been warned. The run has been going great guns so far. Well, maybe apart from last night. Thanks to the sweetest, coolest audience we’ve ever had last night at the show. We’ve carried on with shows through fallen lights, broken legs, crucial props falling into the pit, penises popping out, invading drunks and that hilarious time Gemma Grant slipped in a puddle of fake blood but last night was the first time in 8 years we’ve ever had to stop a show. Apologies to everyone who suffered through a compromised version of War Of Attrition and thanks for sticking with us while we tried to get it back online. It was a complete freak tech accident that proved that if you do a play about hacking, you’re asking for it. But hey, you soldier on. And we blame North Korea.

woa_promophoto-7Anyway, tech malfunctions asides we’ve had a wonderful time in Project Arts Centre, the audiences have been great and we’ve gotten some real nice reviews like here and here. So if you want to catch the show before it finishes up entirely, grab your tickets and come see us tonight or tomorrow. Remember, if you’re not in…

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