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Within Biting Distance…

After an amazing rally the past few days, we are within biting distance of hitting our target for Night Of The Living Dead on Fund It.

With 4 days to go, we’ve just hit the €4,930 mark. We’re quietly confident that we can get it over the line in the next few days but we’re not hedging our bets just yet. And if we hit the target within that time, it would still be great to get as much funding for the project as we possible while the campaign is still live. The €50 rewards are the only ones to sell out with all the other rewards still on sale until our campaign ends on Monday.

So if you want to get an idea of what we’re offering, here’s Ken McGuire (producer), Connie Walsh (co-writer) and John Morton (co-writer, director) giving the spiel about Night Of The Living Dead and the goodies that we’re offering as rewards.

If you like any of that little lot, get your teeth into our Fund It campaign while there’s still time. And for the 116 of you who have funded us so far, thank you all so very much.

Photo by Ross Costigan (he funded us)

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