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State Of Plays

Been a little while since our last update but we’ve been busying ourselves with planning for Cannibal! The Musical which is coming up in August. The script has just completed its first phase and moves onto full adaptation this week while the auditions, currently closed are due to take place over the next fortnight.

Exciting times ahead!

We’ve also given trial to taking Heart Shaped Vinyl to the web with some of the monologues recorded and packaged nicely for release in the future. We’ll be airing a selection of the monologues and scenes in the run up to the summer so don’t stray too far. We’ve been working on promo for the new production, which as you’ll see above, is underway. We’ll also be issuing the first of our mailings from the mailing list, if you haven’t signed up already just pop your email into the sign-up box on the homepage (on the right) and you’ll be able to keep up to date with all of our devious goings-on.

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