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We’re Off To The Irish Blog Awards

The shortlists for the Irish Blog Awards have been announced and as a group, Devious Theatre are delighted to see DeviousTheatre.com included in the shortlist for Best Arts and Culture blog as sponsored by Poetry Ireland.

We started the blog running back in 2006, gave it a bit of a kick in 2007 in the run-in to Cannibal but over the course of 2008 we’ve been putting a serious effort into using the blog to promote the work that we do, both as a company and as individuals. Given that myself, John, Ross and Paddy are blogging outside the realms of DeviousTheatre.com, we feel we’re in a good position to help the company get the best from the blog.

So that’s what we give you – the best of Devious Theatre. Over the last year we’ve been providing insights to rehearsals, comments from directors, actors, notes from back stage, insights to our design process, video clips of recent performances and much more besides.

Through DeviousTheatre.com we’ve also released our first podcast, a full-version download of ‘The War Of The Worlds‘ as produced by ourselves last October (download MP3 here).

One of the best pieces of advice that we were given starting out was simply “archive everything”. That’s what we continue to do. But rather than an archive of old material, we hope that you’ll get an insight to the living material, the flesh and bones of this company of devious actors who strive to make a mark for Irish theatre.

Hell, we might even get to blog at a little at the Awards itself (if the budget allows it!).

With a lot of the committee tied up, I (Ken) will be attending the awards night this coming Saturday. We’re the only theatre company to be shortlisted (and possibly nominated in the first place) and from what we can tell, we’re also the only representative for Kilkenny at the awards.

But we’re not the only ones nominated. Joining us on the shortlist for Best Arts & Culture Blog are Scamp.ie, Pursued By A Bear (at the Irish Times), Chris Judge and The Asylum. Looking forward to meeting more artsy bloggers this year – if you see me, do say hello!

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