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We’re Moving!


After a most wonderful, joyous and insanely fun 7 year run of making, developing and cooking plays, we will be departing Devious HQ in The Maltings (aka The Bunker) early in the new year.

We are jettisoning most of what we own in the process. We’ve built up a huge stock of costumes in that time and no longer need most of them. We’re starting the pack up on Saturday December 1st and we’re opening the space out between 4pm and 6pm if anyone wants to come down and take whatever they want.

If you’re looking to up your costume stock or even just looking for a few bits and pieces in general, get in touch with us at info@devioustheatre.com to make an appointment with us for that day.

Also, couches. We have lots of couches.

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