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We Are Calling For Young Writers


We’re looking for a young writer to work on a new production with us. And when we say young, we mean specifically anyone between the ages of 15 and 19. The catch is that you have to be from Kilkenny. The reason being is that the production in question will be set in Kilkenny and revolve around teenagers, so I guess it makes sense to work with a teenager from Kilkenny, right?

What we’re looking for is an email telling us a little bit about yourself and why you might want to work with us. We’d also like a sample of your writing too. This should involve an exchange of dialogue between 2 characters (ideally teenage) based on the theme of ‘the future‘. No longer than two A4 pages. Within that, you can do whatever you want. Go crazy. Emails with all this stuff should be sent to info@devioustheatre.com by no later than December 10th, if you please.

The writer we pick will work with us and our crack team of theatre professionals over the course of many months in the new year. And why, if we like you, we might even keep you.

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