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Under Water Filming

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As we approach the opening of Some Flood at Tiger Dublin Fringe, we’ve just unveiled a brand new, craic laden trailer for the play. It shows both characters, Noah (Kevin Mooney) and Survivor (Eddie Murphy) trying to hone their survival techniques in the face of the flood that has wiped out Ireland. And possibly the whole world.

This promo was written by the plays writer’s John Doran and Kevin Mooney, directed by John Doran and shot and edited by Ken McGuire. Yup, we sure do keep this stuff in house. It also features the ear clingingly amazing track ‘Havin’ D’Craic‘ by Moses Moorhouse, the man behind all the music you’ll hear in Some Flood. And believe us, you’ll be humming that tune long after curtains are down.

If you like it, share it, spread it, tell people about it but most of all, come see the play in action when it hits Smock Alley Theatre this weekend. We preview on September 6th at 7pm before opening proper on Sunday night September 7th at 9.15pm and running until Friday 12th September. For more info check out our page on the Dublin Fringe website and to buy tickets you can also visit the Fringe Box Office at Filmbase or call 1850 374643.

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