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WATCH: Vehicle gets a new trailer, returns for one night only

Check out the new trailer for Vehicle, back for one night only at Smock Alley, Dublin as part of Sc…

Is it a bit overdoing it to release a trailer for a one off performance of a work in progress play?

The answer: hell no. Not when it’s your most ambitious spectacle to date. A special effects extravaganza and sci-fi spectacle like no other. A masterclass of craic in space.

Vehicle returns for one night only this Sunday April 1st at Smock Alley Theatre alongside TINS as part of Scene + Heard Revisited.

The show was a sell out the last time. Don’t miss it this time.

Get your tickets: https://bit.ly/2GqTmA6

The craic

Vehicle is a lo-fi sci-fi comedy about Charles Bonjell, a rough and ready human bounty hunter charged with transporting Rita Vulcra, a smart talking alien con-woman across the galaxy in a talking space vehicle that is falling apart.

A frantic and hilarious race against time ensues. After a disastrous run back in February, it will return as part of Scene + Heard Revisited on April 1st at 9.30pm as part of a double bill with Tins by Laura Brady.

Trailer shot and cut by Ed Murphy.

Cast: John Doran, Aoife Spratt and Peter McGann as the voice of Vehicle

  • Devised by The Company
  • Director – Sarah Baxter
  • Producer – John Dennehy
  • Light and Sound Design – Ed Murphy
  • Dramaturg – John Morton
  • Graphic & VFX Design – Ken McGuire
  • Prop Design – Niamh Moyles
  • Stage Manager – Aidan Doheny
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