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War And Peace

1381679_10151901678296113_1952911242_nAnd we’re done!

War Of Attrition finished at Galway Theatre Festival on Thursday amidst a hail of celebration, high fiving and general jubilation. It was great to finish the show in the City Of Tribes, especially considering it was our first time performing a show there. It was great to finally check out the festival first hand. There was a fantastic line up on display and we just wish we had time to see more of it! Props to Kate Costello and her team for putting together such a great programme. The buzz was great and we just soaked up as much eatin’ and drinkin’ and craic as we could. Props also to the team at An Taibhdhearc who made us feel at home in their gorgeous theatre. Seriously, we had a massive crush on this theatre. Such a brilliant space to perform a show.

WOA - GalwayThe three shows themselves went great and the new cast of John Doran, Amy Dunne and John Morton made a formidable army of three. Fair play to Amy who got the whole part together in the last forthnight and absolutely nailed it. What a trooper!

So that’s the show done and dusted, for now at least. After the last couple of months hard at work, our crack team of theatre makers are all exhilarated but exhausted. War Of Attrition may just launch an all out touring strike sometime in the future. We’re considering our options for the next few weeks anyway. Straight off the bat, we’ve got another new creative project on the go which we will be announcing very soon… and we’re excited. But there’s much work to be done in the meantime so unless you hear from us, just presume we’re locked in our little shed, tinkering away.

And one last thing, if you’d like to support our future work, you can do so by joining our Friends Of Programme. We’re dependent on fundraising and the kindness of peeps in order to make our shows. Our new Friends Of programme runs from now until September 2014 and we can guarantee bang for your buck in that time. Have a look here and see if you want to be our friend!

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