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The War Of The Worlds Announcement

We’re very proud to announce that in conjunction with KCLR 96FM we will be broadcasting a brand new hour long radio version of HG Wells’ sci-fi classic The War Of The Worlds, 70 years to the date of the famous Orson Welles broadcast on C.B.S. on October 30th 1938.

The Welles version was performed live on CBS with a fictional radio show being interrupted by news of a Martian invasion of earth. Convinced that what they were hearing was real, listeners fled their homes, frantically called loved ones and prepared themselves for the Martian attacks. The countrywide case of mass hysteria caused by the broadcast gave a chilling insight into how America would react if subjected to such an attack. A subsequent Mexican version of Welles radio adaptation led to 6 deaths and caused the radio station to be burnt down by outraged listeners.

Tune in on October 30th to hear our Kilkenny and Carlow located version of the classic tale. With a variety of different narrative devices and accounts of the invasion, we are able to piece together a chilling, darkly comic and very local perspective on the attacks by the fearsome Martian tripods and their destruction of earth’s populace over the course of a 3 week period. The main focus of our version is looking at how people of our generation react to this impending disaster. Swap economic crash for giant alien tripods and you’re not too far off!

We are delighted to be working on this project with KCLR 96FM and we’re hoping that the audiences in Carlow and Kilkenny won’t take this one too seriously and freak out.

Our version has been written by Kevin Mooney and John Morton based on the script by Orson Welles and Howard Koch. It will be directed by Ross Costigan and Ken McGuire and produced by Alan Dawson.

The cast for The War Of The Worlds is Ross Costigan, Alan Dawson, Amy Dunne, Ken McGuire, Kevin Mooney, John Morton, Maria Murray, David Thompson and Paul Young.

Our performance of The War of the Worlds will be broadcast exclusively on KCLR 96FM on Thursday, October 30th at 9pm. It can also be listened to live on KCLR96FM.com. Stay tuned to www.devioustheatre.com for more details on our very first foray into radio theatre.

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