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War Chest


As 2013 begins to wind down somewhat and we begin start casting our eyes towards 2014, it’s come to the time of the year where we start tidying up our archive and putting everything away for safe keeping until we need it again!

DeviousTheatre_WarOfAttrition_ForWeb-1047On that note, we’ve got a whole lot of lovely War Of Attrition stills from the Kilkenny run courtesy of Ross Costigan Photography.They cover a good chunk of the show so if you missed War Of Attrition and you want a flavour of what the show was about, these lovely stills are a good place to start. We’ll soon be adding to these some stills from the Galway run and then the War Of Attrition war chest of production stills and bits and bobs will be entirely complete!

DeviousTheatre_WarOfAttrition_ForWeb-1027You can check Ross’ archive over here and for our own collection (and all other Devious Theatre related photo goodness) put an eyeball to our Flickr account.

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