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United. Together. In Bits.

The Union Main Poster

Here’s The Union in full flight for the main poster for the show.

Ahead of this weeks opening here’s the whole cast in all their glory in this Breakfast Club riffing image from Ken McGuire. And yeah, we’re definitely playing up The Breakfast Club homaging here. Homage and stealing are such a fine line though. Which is probably theme appropriate.


Who wore it better though? Hard to tell.

We’ll be extending the John Hughes influence into the play when it opens this week in Cleere’s Theatre, Parliament Street, Kilkenny. Adrian Kavanagh’s mystery comedy is about a student union in crisis trying to locate missing funds. Backs will be stabbed, hearts will be broken and throats will be cut. We’re going to see how united this Union really is…

The show plays for 4 nights only so demand will be high and tickets will be limited. The Union performs from July 29th-August 1st at 8pm nightly. Tickets €12. #theatre #theunion #stdominics4ever https://devioustheatre.com/buy-tickets/


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