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Two Days And Counting…

If you check the countdown timer at the top of DeviousTheatre.com, we’re just two days and a few hours off the first airing of our new production, The War Of The Worlds.

The show, which has been written and directed by the company and produced with the help of Alan Dawson (Trainspotting, Cannibal! The Musical) is a present-day dramatisation of H.G. Wells’ classic, originally performed with Mercury Theatre on October 30th 1938.

The events that unfolded in the aftermath of its airing were unprecedented and you never know, maybe we’ll see the same level of mass hysteria strike this week.

The War Of The Worlds is our final production for 2008 and it airs this Thursday night on KCLR 96FM at 9pm. You can tune into KCLR 96FM in the Carlow / Kilkenny / South Kilkenny area. If you can’t find yourself beside a radio, why not listen online with KCLR broadcasting live from their website, KCLR96FM.com.

We’ll have more notes this week in the run up to Thursday’s broadcast!

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