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Trainspotting On Screen

Ross Costigan (Mark Renton) and Ken McGuire (Tommy) in Devious Theatre’s Trainspotting

We’re taking the skag boys back out for charity this October±

Our production of Irvine Welsh’s Trainspotting, which ran in the Watergate Theatre last June, will be screened in Cleere’s Theatre as part of the Rockfall Festival this coming October Bank Holiday Weekend. After a one night performance of Heart Shaped Vinyl last year, this is our second year running an event for Rockfall. It’s a really worthy cause as all funds raised go straight to Enable Ireland and The O’Neill Centre.

Our production was adapted by Harry Gibson and was the first time that the iconic work had been performed in Kilkenny. Set in 1980’s Edinburgh and depicted mostly in monologues, the play follows self-loathing anti-hero Mark Renton (Ross Costigan) as he tries to overcome the addictions that hinder his escape from a doomed life. The stories at the heart of the play are unflinchingly shocking, darkly humorous and full of Welsh’s raw observations of life.

The Devious Theatre production opened to packed houses and rave reviews from the Kilkenny People, Kilkenny Voice, Kilkenny Advertiser, Munster Express and Start Magazine. It was definitely our biggest success so far on the stage and we’re really happy with how the play looks on screen so don’t worry, it won’t be a bunch of shaky cam stuff shot from a distance.

For anyone who missed out on the show, the screening is a one and only opportunity to see the production from this past summer. The screening will also feature a fly-on-the-wall documentary that was shot during the closing night of the production in the Watergate Theatre. Come and see us for Rockfall!

Admission to the screening is €5 and all proceeds go to the O’Neill Centre. All donations are equally welcome. The screening takes place in Cleere’s Theatre on Sunday October 26th at 8pm.

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