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Trainspotting: Character Promo – Renton

“Ah chose not tae choose life, ah chose something else…” Mark Renton

The latest in our series of Trainspotting character promos sees the debut bow of the main man himself, Mark Renton.

Played by Ross Costigan, Mark Renton is a greedy, self loathing, nihilistic anti hero. He’s a junkie with little regard for friends, family and indeed, personal hygiene. The ‘red heided cunt’ as he’s affectionately called by Begbie, is a man at odds with himself and the world he lives in.

Yet, at his core, there’s a part of Renton that wants to change his ways, to redeem himself, to choose…. life. As he navigates the audience through the dark underbelly of 1980’s Edinburgh, we see the changes that occur in Renton as he desperately tries to get out while he still can.

Ross Costigan is one of the core members of Devious Theatre and has appeared in each of our productions so far.

These character posters for Trainspotting serve to introduce the many faces of Irvine Welsh’s work, or even reintroducing them to people familiar with the previous incarnations of the characters.

As designed by Paddy Dunne, the posters will be unveiled in the weeks leading up to the performance.

Tickets for Trainspotting are already available in The Watergate Theatre and can be purchased at 056 – 7761674.

Trainspotting will arrive onstage from June 24th to the 28th.

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