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Some Tickets

floodticketsOkay so you know that Some Flood is coming up but maybe you haven’t bought tickets left. You think to yourself, okay, I’m going to catch it and it shouldn’t be much of a problem getting tickets so I’ll hold off. And that’s cool, maybe you should hold off and get them when you really need them. BUT if you go to get tickets and there’s none there, then you could find yourselves without tickets for Some Flood and you’ll be the one standing outside with ne’er a ticket in your hand and no chance to see the play and tears streaming down your little cheeks. In this scenario, do NOT come crying to us. Because it’s all your own fault.

So maybe you should get your tickets now and ensure you have them, right? There’s going to be two shows at Collaborations in Dublin on March 5th and 7th which will allow us get our preview on before we take it to Kilkenny for it’s first full run between March 11th and 15th in Cleeres Theatre. And if you like the idea of daytime theatre, there will be two lunchtime shows at 1pm on March 14th and 15th. So you’ve got plenty of scope to see it on this run round. No excuses really! How do I get tickets you might ask? Well here’s how.

Dublin: You can grab them right here. Or else call into the nice folks at Smock Alley Theatre to do some buying.

Kilkenny: You can grab them right here. Or else call into the nice folks at Cleeres Theatre to do some buying. You can also book them on 056-7762573. As you’ll see in the picture above, they’re very pretty looking.

Get your tickets soon, we’d love to see you there. Just don’t be hung out to dry!

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