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This Theatre Machine Kills Fascists

Time to get turned on. The second installment of The Theatre Machine Turns You On opens today in Project Arts Centre and it looks like it’s going to be a jam packed, amazing festival of theatrical goodness.There are still tickets left for some shows and I recommend getting yourself some tickets if you can. I know I will.

Oh, yeah. And we have a show on during it. We’ve probably mentioned that before. It’s called Scratcher and it plays on Thursday night February 17th at 7pm. There are still some tickets left but your best bet is to procure them from entertainment.ie.

Today we’re packing our revolution. Our bits and all of our bobs. Our guns. Our signs. Our costumes. Our acting. Our fully assembled theatre machine will hop into a van and a bus and will make it’s way to Dublin tomorrow. We are getting ready to turn on. Are you?

Scratcher opens February 17th as part of The Theatre Machine Turns You On: Vol II

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