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“They’re coming to get you Barbara!”

And with the refrain of the most iconic line from George Romero’s 1968 horror classic we introduce you to the first character poster for our new stage version of Night Of The Living Dead. Over the next 5 months, there’s going to be another 5 character based posters for our biggest, hungriest play yet. They’re all being shot by Ross Costigan and designed by Ken McGuire and both fellas have some very tasty plans afoot.

Babs (Barbara) is our version of the Barbra character played by Judith O’Dea in the original 1968 movie. In the film she’s very easily scared, mildly catatonic and generally quite useless when it comes to surviving. In our new version, she’s a mouthy, opinionated, politically conscious 17 year old student, who’s just finished school and is planning to get out of the hell out of this country when a crisis hits and Ireland goes into lockdown. After her brother Johnny is killed while they visit their parents grave, Babs is forced to run for her life as she tries to escape the hordes of ravaged, hungry, walking corpses that have besieged our countryside. They’re coming to get her. They’re definitely coming to get her.

Babs is played by Connie Walsh who previously appeared for us back in 2011 in our production of Shifting. A hugely talented actress and writer, she’s also been co-writing this play with John Morton for the past year. It marks her first produced work for the stage.

Connie Walsh with Alan Doyle in Shifting (2011)

Night Of The Living Dead plays The Watergate Theatre, Kilkenny from July 24th – 28th. For all details on the show keep an eye out here, but also cast an eye on nightofthelivingdead.ie … it’s going to go live very soon.

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