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Theatre Of Blood

Bucket of blood.

With the dust having settled on our Irish stage premiere of Night Of The Living Dead back in July, a lot of our behind the scenes material is seeing the light of day as we prepare for DVD’s, archives, behind the scenes videos and funding applications. Some of the jewels we have in our archive are Ross Costigan’s behind the scenes photos during the production.

The backstage photos are a great reminder of how much fun we had on the production, how much chaos it was and most of all, how much fake blood we drenched the Watergate Theatre in. For more photos, check out Ross’ blog here. Here’s a few choice shots from behind the scenes on Night Of The Living Dead.

Anne Cody getting make up done by Michael Browne.

Our production designer Niamh Moyles and her bags of blood.

Anne Cody post make up.

Our stage manager Aidan Doheny keeps an eye on proceedings.

The set and its model during construction

Hazel Doyle in full make up waits back stage.

The photographer himself, in all his zombie glory.

Photos by Ross Costigan. But you already knew that.

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