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The Writers Room

L-R: John Doran, Kevin Mooney, John Kennedy, Adrian Kavanagh, John Morton

Poor Peter McGann is missing from this but if it’s any consolation, he’s not as handsome as this shower.

On Monday, 5 of the 6 writers behind Little Deviations met up to have a round table chat with Ken McGuire (our multi tasking producer) for The Arts Show on KCLR96FM. John Doran, Kevin Mooney, John Kennedy, Adrian Kavanagh and John Morton chatted their plays, their writing process, what to expect from this weekends scratch nights and generally unleashing the writing beast.

You can have a listen to an extended version of the chat below and if you haven’t got your tickets yet, drop down to Cleeres Theatre, book on 056 – 7762573 or get them online right here.

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