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The War Of The Worlds Moves Online

A month to the date of our broadcast of HG Wells‘ classic, The War Of The Worlds, we’re ready to unleash it online. So if you missed sitting around the radio and listening to it live, you can now listen to it online.

This coming Sunday November 30th you’ll be able to listen, stream and download The War Of The Worlds as presented by The Devious Theatre Company on the air in association with KCLR 96FM. Our version of The War Of The Worlds was first broadcast on KCLR 96FM on Thursday October 30th at 9pm, 70 years to the date of the first airing by Orson Welles. It didn’t quite spark the hysteria of the Welles version but we have to admit that we were fairly delighted that KCLR received a lot of phonecalls from concerned locals about the ‘meteorites’ that were crashing around Bagenalstown.

You don’t need to get hysterical but you can listen to the fiction unfold in your own good time. Of course, we’re giving the download away for free.

To download your copy, make sure to hit DeviousTheatre.com from 8pm (GMT) this coming Sunday November 30th.

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