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The Vultures Playbill


Feast your eyes on the full list of episodes for our new detective radio serial Vultures.

A killer has struck at the Detective Union Of Ireland Annual General Meeting and soon Wisteria Lodge is in lock down as a hotel full of detectives compete to find a killer. The detectives of Vulture Private Investigations are thrust into a fiendishly twisty murder mystery plot where they must prove their innocence, find a killer and prove their worth as the best detective agency in the country. Hilarity ensues, and of course, murder. With 20 episodes full of cliffhanging, murder solving, detective yarns to keep your ears to, this handy little playbill may just come to your aid. A hearing aid, if you will.

List Of Episodes

Episode 1. The Deathly Dull Detective DroughtNarrated by Janine Drew

Episode 2. The Case Of The Stolen InvitesNarrated by Dan McGrain

Episode 3. A Dickening Of DetectivesNarrated by Niall Tennyson

Episode 4. Murder In The Conference Room Narrated by Jim Vultour

Episode 5. The Walking Corpse ConfusionNarrated by Janine Drew

Episode 6. The Fictional Death Of Basil Maguire – Narrated by Dan McGrain

Episode 7. The Mystery Of The Empty Room Narrated by Niall Tennyson

Episode 8. A Rat’s TaleNarrated by Jack Street

Episode 9: Confessions Of A Litter WardenNarrated by Ned Savage

Episode 10: The Painful Predicament Of V.P.I. Narrated by Jim Vultour

Episode 11. The Pretender To The Throne Narrated by Janine Drew

Episode 12.  The Mighty Masters Of DisguiseNarrated by Dan McGrain

Episode 13. Four Blind Mice – Narrated by Niall Tennyson

Episode 14. Who Framed Ned Savage?Narrated by Ned Savage

Episode 15: The Chaotic Elevator CliffhangerNarrated by Janine Drew

Episode 16. The Case Of The Wrongful FingeringNarrated by Jim Vultour

Episode 17. The Deadly Incident Of The Deus Ex Machina Narrated by Niall Tennyson.

Episode 18: The Man In The Black Bin Liner Narrated by Dan McGrain

Episode 19: The Snitch’s Dilemma Narrated by Jack Street

Episode 20: Vultures Turned Gamekeepers – Narrated by Jim Vultour


Janine Drew – Suzanne O’Brien

Dan McGrain – David Thompson

Niall Tennyson – Seán Hackett

Jim Vultour – John Morton

Ned Savage / Noel Lovejoy – John Doran

Jack Street / Inspector Aeneas Murdoch – Ross Costigan

Hamish Lane / Basil Maguire – Ken McGuire

Deirdre Dupin / Maeve Munroe – Amy Dunne

Tom Moriarty / Jimmy Kolchak – Stephen Colfer

Kate Marple – Niamh Moyles

You can listen to a new episode daily on KCLR96FM at 1.45pm and 5.45pm each day.

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