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The Union Forever


Today’s the day we show The Union to the world. Well, Graiguenamanagh at least.

We’re taking it to the home of the play’s writer Adrian Kavanagh for the first of two preview performances. We’ll be hitting The Duiske Inn, the spiritual home of Spark Productions. In fact, it is to Sparks what Cleeres Theatre is to us. Conveniently enough, we’ll be bringing the show back to Cleeres next week for a 4 night run. The previews kick off tonight at 8pm and tickets are on the door for the preview friendly sum of €12.

Then we’ll be packing it up and taking it back to Kilkenny for next week’s 4 night run. The last four weeks of rehearsals have been a blast and as you can see, the cast of Hazel Doyle, Niall Morrissey, Kevin Mooney, Alexandra Christle and Colin O’Brien have gotten so in sync with each other that they’re practically matching. Those St. Dominic’s Student Union hoodies might just become a collector’s item yet. Get on board, 6 chances only to catch The Union in action. Don’t miss out on the team who put the party in party politics.

The Union previews in The Duiske Inn, Graiguenamanagh tonight July 24th & tomorrow July 25th. The show opens in Cleeres Theatre, Parliament Street, Kilkenny on July 29th and runs until August 1st at 8pm nightly.  For ticket bookings please go to: https://devioustheatre.com/buy-tickets/
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