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The Theatrical Early Bird Catches The Cheaper Ticket

Bit of a long-winded title there but you get the drift. I wrote on my own blog last week or thereabouts on our online ticket sales process and how we were going to discount some online tickets for those of you who took the first step with Accidental Death of an Anarchist in terms of buying tickets online.

In my best Harvey Norman-type voice, we’re giving you theatrical early birds three Euro off each ticket purchased between now and February 1st. Consider it a Can’t Pay? Won’t Pay! early bird special. How do you avail of this offer? When purchasing your tickets from our ticket portal, click the “enter discount code” link and use the code cpwptwitter (we gave the code out on Twitter this morning).

There are no restrictions on this code. Feel free to use it as often as you like, on as many tickets as you like and share with as many people as you like. Our standard ticket price for the show is €13, so we reckon a €3 discount on tickets is a nice way of saying “thank you”.

The discount code will expire on February 1st, at which time we’ll have to restore ticket prices to €13. Those who bought tickets for Accidental Death of an Anarchist online will still be available to avail of a discounted ticket price but we’ll be contacting you individually to let you know of your own special once-off code.

Reserve your Can’t Pay? Won’t Pay! tickets today.

Note: This discount only applies to tickets purchased online. Ticket sales are handled by Eventbrite and incur a booking fee. The discount applies to the cost of your ticket, ex-booking fee. Though subsequently, as the booking fee is percentage based on the cost of the ticket, the booking fee is reduced to €1, stretching your saving to a whopping €3.07 per ticket. Physical tickets will be on sale in locations around Kilkenny from next week.

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