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The State Of The Union


The curtain has fallen on The Union after a two week run and an absolutely jam packed 4 night sold out string of performances in Cleeres Theatre. The buzz surrounding the show was something to behold and we couldn’t be happier with how the show was received. Thanks to our amazing cast and crew and to the writer Adrian Kavanagh who did stellar work getting the show to the stage.Thanks so much to all you wonderful, wonderful people who came to see The Union and clapped and shouted and cheered and ovationed and happily took all the debris when the cast trashed the set every night. You were all sublime. Now, we’re going to nurse our post show blues and raise an invisible glass… St. Dominic’s Forever!

Here’s some choice pics from the show.

theunion_kenmcguire-cleeres-3theunion_kenmcguire-cleeres-17theunion_kenmcguire-cleeres-21theunion_kenmcguire-cleeres-24theunion_kenmcguire-cleeres-27theunion_kenmcguire-cleeres-13All photos by Ken McGuire Photography. The man wears many hats.

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