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The Serious One

Lynsey Moran last appeared with us as Carol in Stags and Hens back in 2009. Before that she played the part of Ailbe in Smitten. Here she chats with us and proves that she’s way more animated than her rather monotone alter ego.

So what’s Ailbe like?

Misunderstood. Comes across as boring, but this dark horse is actually a kinky whore!

Are you planning on playing her any differently this time around?

Well this time round Ailbe is A LOT more attractive and younger looking, so of course that does contribute to how I play her. She will still be super boring and super brown.

Do you think the play gives an accurate view of Kilkenny? Or just not at all?

This play does show a side to Kilkenny, the side that we see when we’re in our twenties and do not know where our lives are going! Kilkenny is a beautiful place but like every twenty year old, we all need to leave at some point!

What did you think when you found out there was a serious upgrade in song and dance in this version?


Considering nearly everyone else got to swap about and you didn’t, if you could play any other part in Smitten what would it be?


What’s your favourite musical?

This is not a hard question. Chicago. Pop! Six! Squish! ….

Smitten plays Kilkenny Arts Office (No. 76 John Street) from June 26th – July 2nd. Tickets can be bought at the venue, booked on 056 – 7794138 or else bought right here!

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