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The Second Coming Is…. Coming

Our friends and affiliates Dreamstuff Youth Theatre are presenting their newest production from tomorrow night in The Watergate Theatre, Kilkenny. And it will be that comic masterpiece Monty Python’s Life Of Brian. The production is being referred to as ‘The Second Coming’. The first coming occured from January 23rd to 26th 2001 as the very first production staged by the newly formed Dreamstuff Youth Theatre.

A lot of members of The Devious Theatre Company enjoyed long tenures in Dreamstuff Youth Theatre which served us immensely well in setting up our own theatrical outfit in 2006. Devious Theatre members Ken McGuire (as the titular character), David Thompson (The Virgin Mandy/Ben), Kevin Mooney (Biggus Dickus), Amy Dunne (Judith), Hazel Fahy (Mrs. Gregory), Sean Hackett (The Young Roman) and Dave Minogue (Ex-Leper/Harry The Haggler) all made our spotty pubesecent starts in The Life of Brian back in 2001. I got to play the parts of First Wise Man, Francis the Revolutionary and Otto The Nazirene and a very exciting theatrical debut it was for us young whippersnappers at the time. So on behalf of Devious Theatre, we want to wish the new generation of spotty young whippersnappers the best of luck tomorrow night.

This new production is again being directed by Mike Kelly and it will start tomorrow at 8pm in The Watergate Theatre, Kilkenny and will play until Saturday December 13th. For all information, check out the newly relaunched www.YIFM.com


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