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The Rambling Musician

Jack O’Leary previously appeared for us in Cannibal! The Musical as Warren Mills and in the last production of Smitten. This time he returns as the lazy but amiable musician Tony. Here, he answers some questions for us. He may or may not have drink taken.

How is your 2011 Tony different from your 2008 Tony?

The 2011 Tony is not nearly as intense in persona as the 2008 Tony. I mean he’s a strong character but the 2008 one just had so much… Pizazz that its hard to compare.

What are the other biggest differences between this production of Smitten and the last Smitten?

The lack of manky dreadlocks is a definite bonus but the lack of the film director’s intake is questionable. I miss the constant requests for “Close up” theatre.

Considering you’re still in the same part, which part might you have liked to get recasted to?


Are all the Kilkenny references going to fly over the head of people down in Cork?

Hopefully not. But Kilkennys fascination with umbrellas… yes.

What’s the biggest difference between this Smitten and the last Smitten?

If I could be perfectly honest and I don’t even mean this on a character basis but… Niamh. I’m genuinely delighted to have Amy as me Cat as she’s the loveliest person ever! But I just miss acting with Niamh! Regardless of what part she plays. But that’s out of our control… I’m just answering questions!

So, what’s your favourite musical and why?

Coincidentally enough The Wizard Of Oz because of the very clear literal views on what the characters are, view and want. Its actually quite simplistic and basic story telling but with a unique sugar coating that I’ve never seen before… Also it works really well with Dark Side of The Moon when you’re baked.

Smitten opens this Thursday June 16th at 6pm in the Old FÁS Building on Sullivans Quay as part of Solstice, Cork. Tickets are €3 and can be purchased at the Cork Midsummer Box Office at Triskel Arts Centre.

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