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The Next Stage

John Morton is off to The Next Stage

The dust has just settled on this years Absolut Fringe Festival in Dublin with some of our regular Deviants working on a few productions, such as Eddie Murphy (All Hell Lay Beneath), John Morton (Mass) and Aidan Doheny (The Making Of The Frogs). And now the Irish theatre world is gearing up for the big one, this years Dublin Theatre Festival.

We’re delighted that our own John Morton will be one of the participants on The Next Stage, which is presented by Theatre Forum Ireland in association with Dublin Theatre Festival. This programme, now in its sixth year, sees 18 people of various theatre backgrounds take place in an intensive programme of master classes, talks, physical workshops and performances.  It’s essentially the greatest theatre bootcamp that you can undertake in Ireland. It’s also been described as a life changing and once in a career opportunity. Other participants this year include Andrew Adamson, Sarah Baxter, Dan Bergin, Niamh Creely, Peter Duffy, Deirdre Dwyer, Eóin Gannon, Emma Hannon, Meadhbh Haicéid, Alan King, Niamh McCann, Louise Melinn, Gina Moxley, Donnacadh O’Briain, Stefanie Preissner, Clare Robertson and Martin Sharry.

The opportunities it creates are huge and it has helped develop many of Ireland’s leading theatre practitioners over the past few years. John is hugely excited to be taking place in the programme and will no doubt take loads of notes that he’ll bring back down to us and we’ll photocopy and stick up on the wall.

This years programme for Dublin Theatre Festival is absolutely amazing and features a huge range of national and international theatre that we’re already very excited about. You can check out the entire programme here. It’s time to get very excited.

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