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The Final Night

Here’s a lovely little curio from cast member (and videographer supreme) Darragh Byrne, who did a time lapse recording of the entire final night on Night Of The Living Dead from the corner of the green room. Yup, we sure like hanging around!

It will give you a really good idea of what it was like behind the scenes on the show and just how many bodies we had busting around back stage in The Watergate Theatre. You’ll also get an insight into the kind of things we do backstage on a big production: eat, nap, read, hang around chatting, climb on things and in this case, make speeches and hang out in the green room until midnight toasting everyone. It’s 7 hours of backstage footage condensed into 7 minutes. Have a look!

It’s a lovely little document on the play and even at this early stage, it fills us with nostalgia and makes those post show blues even worse!

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