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The Dead Of Night

When there’s no more room in hell, the dead will walk the earth…

A ghost estate in southeast Ireland. July. Present day.

The dead are walking the earth and attacking the living. What hasn’t already been abandoned is now abandoned entirely. The kitchen of an empty, ransacked house.

It is night time.

It had spread everywhere before anyone knew what it was…

Within hours, people were fleeing the country in droves.

By the first night of the epidemic, Ireland was already ripped apart.

The dead have come back to life and to feed on the living.

Babs is bloodied, frantic and looking for refuge. She has just watched a man attack her brother as they visited their parent’s grave. Fleeing from the snarling, growling man, she makes a break through the countryside, seeking refuge. As darkness falls, she arrives on a ghost estate on the outskirts of her hometown, looking for a house her friend claims he’s in hiding out at. She arrives at the house to discover it has been boarded up. She manages to enter through the unlocked back door, only to find the house ransacked with traces of a bloody struggle evident. She has no other options. This is her only refuge. But she’s not alone…

The country is dying and dying fast. Airports are shut down. Ports are overcrowded. Roads are in gridlock. We are in the thick of a crisis. Media outlets are reporting a strong influenza outbreak but details remain sketchy. However, social media sites like Facebook and Twitter have more graphic accounts of bodies returning to life and attacking the living. Hospitals are overcrowded with sick, dying people. Phone networks begin to crash. Shops are looted. Panic is widespread. Able-bodied young people are emigrating in droves. Their elders are barely surviving, just waiting and watching as things go from bad to worse. Families are falling apart. No homes, no money, no prospects: ripped apart as units and if they’re really unlucky, limb from limb. The undead are the only ones rallying together in this country. And soon there’s going to be more of them than there are us…

The night of the living dead is here…

Night Of The Living Dead opens tonight! It kicks off at 8pm in The Watergate Theatre, Parliament Street, Kilkenny. It will run until Saturday July 28th. Tickets can be booked on 056 – 7761674 or booked online at watergatetheatre.com. You can also drop into the Watergate Theatre box office on Parliament Street. Tickets are €8 tonight and €13 for the rest of the run. 

Photos by Ross Costigan (he might make a cameo tonight…)

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