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The Cheap Seats

One thing we’ve done consistently since 2006 is make theatre affordable for young audiences. After reading this story today about the Old Vic’s attempts to make theatre more accessible to young people, we’d like to remind you that we’re offering exceedingly cheap tickets to the opening night of Night Of The Living Dead.

It’s always been our priority to make our productions affordable for younger people. This is simply so that more young people will come see our show. It’s a practice we started with Heart Shaped Vinyl in 2006 and we’ve done it since, despite continued pressure and friendly advice from all quarters that we charge more for our shows. We’ve put a €1 mark up on our tickets since 2006 and that was so we could give programmes away for free. This practice has benefitted us hugely as it has encouraged more young people to see our work and subsequently has grown us a loyal, returning audience over the past 5 years.

So if you’d like to see Night Of The Living Dead on the cheaper side, €8 tickets are now available for the opening night in The Watergate Theatre on July 24th. We received word from the box office at the weekend that the first tickets have started selling for the opening night of the show (first ticket as usual was bought by Mr. Eoin McDonald, who is young at heart and consistently first in line for our work) so we’d recommend getting your hands on them while they’re still there.

The phrase ‘cheap seats’ was coined for the cinema. There needs to be more of them in theatre at large. We’re hoping that bodies will flock to ours on July 24th.

Tickets for Night Of The Living Dead can be booked on 056 – 7761674 and at WatergateTheatre.com.

Photo by Ross Costigan.

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