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Revisiting Night Of The Living Dead

Devious News, Night Of The Living Dead

This time last year we were up to our collective eyes in pre-production on Night Of The Living...
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Devious Compiled

Devious News

For a variety of reasons, we figured it was about time we put a compilation of clips together of our shows. It’s a handy way of...
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Shifting Trailer

Devious News

We’ve just launched the trailer for Shifting. It’s scripted by John Kennedy, the writer of the play and directed and edited by...
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Kilkenny Arts Festival’s Theatre Strand (video)

Theatre News

Myself (Ken) and John are on the ground again during this year’s Kilkenny Arts Festival and...
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Ticket Stamping Machine

dario fo season

Ken McGuire is a ticket stamping machine. Look at the sheer human toil that goes into our shows! Tickets for Accidental Death Of An...
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Bloody Flashback – Cannibal! The Musical!

Cannibal The Musical

Well, here’s a blast from the past. As we’re on a lull (video-wise that is) between productions, today is a fine chance for us...
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Stags And Hens Trailer

Devious News, Stags and Hens

Here’s our trailer, just released, for the upcoming production of the classic, messy comedy...
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Behind Closed Doors On Stags And Hens

Stags and Hens

We’re just off two weeks to our opening date and we’re kicking the final fortnight of promotion off with a little bit of a look...
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The End

Devious News, Trainspotting • One Comment

In our final clip from Trainspotting, we see the final refrain of Our Father as the characters confront not just the evils they have...
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Choose Life

Devious News, Trainspotting • 6 Comments

This is the fourth video from our production of Irvine Welsh’s Trainspotting, performed in the...
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