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Scratcher Tickets On Sale Now

Devious News

Roll up, roll up, the tickets for Scratcher in Kilkenny have gone on sale. We’ve put the...
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A Midsummer Night At Set

Theatre News

John wrote about the upcoming Dreamstuff 10 programme, the big one-night-only show in September featuring a scene from A Midsummer...
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Shakespeare In Bits Returns

Devious News, shakespeare in bits

We’re in the throes of our Dario Fo season and up to our theatrical necks in rehearsals for Accidental Death of An Anarchist, but...
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Bloody Flashback – Cannibal! The Musical!

Cannibal The Musical

Well, here’s a blast from the past. As we’re on a lull (video-wise that is) between...
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Stags and Hens • 3 Comments

The next character introduction from Stags and Hens is that of the groom Dave. Played by John Doran, Dave is the man of the hour...
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Welcome To Mother Superior’s

Devious News, Trainspotting

Following on from last week’s adventures of Renton and Sick Boy as they look for a fix, comes the rest of the scene as they reach...
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The War Of The Worlds Podcast

Devious News, Podcast, War Of The Worlds

We’re proud to present to you our version of HG Wells’ sci-fi classic, The War Of The...
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