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Ross Costigan

Devious News • 7 Comments

We are heartbroken and bereft at the loss of Ross Costigan. Our collaborator, our partner in crime,...
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Post Mortem Photography

Devious News, Night Of The Living Dead

We still haven’t shook off those persistent living dead just yet. As we get the house in order for the new work we’ll be making...
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Theatre Of Blood

Devious News, Night Of The Living Dead

With the dust having settled on our Irish stage premiere of Night Of The Living Dead back in July, a lot of our behind the scenes material...
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Public Enemy No. 5: Ross Costigan

Devious News

Ross Costigan previously appeared with us in Heart Shaped Vinyl, Cannibal! The Musical,...
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Devious News • One Comment

In the next of our wee intros to the men who write for this blog whilst also maintaining their own blogs, it’s Ross Costigan, who...
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‘Trainspotting’ – Spud’s Accident

Devious News, Devious Videos, Trainspotting

Here’s a brand new video clip from last years production of ‘Trainspotting‘ in the Watergate Theatre. It’s just hit the web...
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‘Trainspotting’ – The Opening Scene

Devious News, Devious Videos, Trainspotting • 2 Comments

We’ve just released the first of several video clips from our production of...
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Smitten – Tommy and Daffney

Devious News, Smitten

“I’m dancing and singing in the rain…” A Short Story from Smitten Tommy’s head was spinning with the stories....
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Trainspotting: Character Promo – Renton

Devious News, Trainspotting

“Ah chose not tae choose life, ah chose something else…” – Mark Renton The latest in our series of Trainspotting...
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