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The Makings Of A Ripping Yarn

Devious 10, Devious News, The Hellfire Squad

The History: The Squad, originally nicknamed the Twelve Apostles, was a real life unit that were...
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Burnin’ Hell

Devious 10, Devious News

Well, that escalated quickly. By the morning of opening night The Hellfire Squad had pretty much sold out its night time run in Dublin and...
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Play Until Fade Out…

Devious 10, Devious News, Heart Shaped Vinyl

This weeks entire run of Heart Shaped Vinyl in Cleeres Theatre has been sold out. All four nights for this week are gone with a small...
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This Is War

Devious News, War Of Attrition

We’re very happy to unveil the main trailer for our new production War Of Attrition. The...
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Revisiting Night Of The Living Dead

Devious News, Night Of The Living Dead

This time last year we were up to our collective eyes in pre-production on Night Of The Living Dead, what was – and currently is...
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A Gaggle Of Saints

bash: latterday plays, Devious News

Amy Dunne plays Sue in A Gaggle Of Saints. Here she talks about the challenges of a duologue and her love of LaBute. I had always hoped...
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Bash Trailer

bash: latterday plays, Devious News, theatre, Theatre News

We went and made a trailer for our production of bash: latterday plays by Neil LaBute. And here it...
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Bash Final Poster

bash: latterday plays, Devious News, theatre, Theatre News

This is the final poster for our production of Neil LaBute’s bash: latterday plays which runs from October 17th – 22nd in...
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bash: latterday plays, Devious News, Productions, theatre, Theatre News

‘I don’t even stop to think this through’ Our final poster from bash: latterday plays is of Ken McGuire playing the part...
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bash: latterday plays, theatre, Theatre News

‘We been doing things so wrong for so long that it all starts to feel okay after a...
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