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Stop The Press

The word is out on the streets about The Roaring Banshees.

“Director Sarah Baxter collaborated beautifully with McGann and Morton to create a production that is stylish and gripping as well as uproarious and horrific”Broadway World

“McGann and Morton splice together two dramatic historical scenarios with hilarious effect…. Ali Fox and Nessa Matthews capture the nuances of the plays comic and tragic modes”The Sunday Business Post

“The pace of the action and the movement of the actors has to be seen to be believed… A cast who not only worked well individually, they were also a superb group. The mix of accents and character types added layers of depth to the play”Headstuff

“Locked and loaded, a piece for when hype and history rhyme” The Irish Times

“On a floor resembling an Art Deco detail in Áine O’Hara’s set, the terrific ensemble are gathered into defiant poses, facing into great blasts of smoke”Musings In Intermission

“A Scorcese-esque unraveling of the anti-hero and the extreme measures one will go to protect the ones they love”The Kilkenny People

The Roaring Banshees plays in Smock Alley Theatre until August 31st. We also have matinees on every Saturday afternoon at 2.30pm. Tickets are flying as fast as the bullets. You can get yours here.

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