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Some Thanks To Our Friends

We get by with a little help from our friends. It’s true.

In recent years we’ve been lucky enough to secure funding from the Arts Office at Kilkenny County Council. The funding we received helped get Devious Theatre up off the ground and fund our first major production, Cannibal! The Musical (the previous productions were produced sans-funding). As luck would have it, we repeated the funding feat in 2008 and secured some additional finances to help stage Trainspotting, something we now view as a mammoth financial undertaking (and something as a result other amateur theatre companies should be aware of).

However, we wanted to build something big going forward, something that would allow us establish a relationship not only with arts bodies but with those who attend our shows, those who have a belief in the work that we do and on a grander note the community that we serve to entertain. So, earlier in the summer we launched our Friends Of Devious Theatre programme, more on which you can find here. The program is a rolling annual funding programme for ourselves which allows the company generate an additional source of income, in return providing our friends with complimentary tickets, promotional goodie packs, programmes, special mentions and all things nice. We’ve had a few additions of late which is fantastic for us as we’ve got another two productions to stage this year (October and December) and we’ve already got 2010 planned out as well.

So we would like to say “thanks’ to our friends who are helping us along our theatrical road…

To Cleere’s (who have had the cast and crew fed and watered over the past few productions), Mr. Darragh Doyle (he get’s a Mr. as he’s very important), Arthur Drohan (at Ryan’s, who have kindly given up space for all our auditions and hopefully, one day, a show), Event Media, Tom & Alice Kiernan, Enda McEvoy, Gemma McGirr, Geoffrey & Alice Rose and Rothe House. The friendship and support from these people genuinely means a lot to us as a company, particularly so in the crunch times the arts world is in right now.

We’re going to launch our expanded Friends Of area on the site shortly so those mentions are going to become extra special!

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