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We’re absolutely delighted that Smitten will be opening down in Cork as part of Solstice this coming June. But what is this Solstice we speak of? Well reader, it’s a four day arts event and symposium with a difference and it will be taking part in the People’s Republic from June 16th – 20th as part of the Cork Midsummer Festival.

The event is organised and curated by Ruairi Donovan, Dawn Mac Allister, Eszter Nemethi and Shirley Somers who have gathered over 100 artists across Theatre, Dance, Visual Art & Music for the 4 day programme.

The entire event takes place in the Old FÁS building on Sullivan’s Quay in Cork, which will be transformed into one big multi disciplinary hive of excitement and innovation during the Cork Midsummer Festival.

Here you’ll find a full look at the tasty line up for the event. (Look at us! We’re on Thursday!)

We’re very proud to be part of such a fantastic line up and we’re also proud to be taking our work down to Cork, a city we all love very much (we also appreciate how they’ve adopted the Kilkenny colours for the event… right guys?). In fact, we’ve often joked about how we needed to get our plays down to Cork during the Midsummer Festival to redress the balance of all the wonderful Cork theatre that comes to Kilkenny during the Arts Festival. So, we’re sliiigghhttly starting to even things out! It’s a really exciting project and we can’t wait to dive into it and if we’re being honest, we’ve already drawn up our hit list of our favourite Cork eateries to go munching in. Priorities people!

If you’re in the mood for supporting emerging practitioners and all the fantastic work they do (and will do!), Solstice have a page on Fund it where you can pledge some funding towards the project and help them reach their target. It’s a unique event supporting young artists and it’s exactly the kind of event that needs people power (and pennies) behind it. You can access their Fund it page right here.

Smitten will be singing and dancing it’s way down to Cork to perform on the opening day of Solstice on June 16th. And hopefully we won’t bring the rain with us. We’ll keep peppering you with updates in the meantime!

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