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Sell Outs!

Smitten Night Two: Sold Out All Over Again

So the second night of Smitten has come and gone and once again we had to hang the ‘Sold Out’ signs out front (or at least our lovely makeshift and very Devious sold out signs).

The phone call came my way about 4pm again to indicate we were out of tickets for Thursday night, knowing that the tickets we were keeping at the door were all snapped up as well, another surprise for us in what is turning out to be a week of nice surprises.

In changing up the technical team for the night the show went off relatively without a hitch, opening at 8:05pm without a spare seat in the house. Or the barn, if you like. In what is both good news and bad news it looks like Saturday is pretty much sold out and Friday (as of yesterday evening) was about 4-5 tickets off a sell out, leaving many people scrambling for tickets to catch the show before it closes at the weekend. We hate to say we told you so but… yeah…

If you are looking for tickets we suggest you contact Rollercoaster Records sooner rather than later, due to the limited number of tickets available per night. Willie might well be able to pull a few strings and do you a deal because at this stage, our hands are tied! Also, we’re really busy playing keepy uppies.

Tonight’s show, the third of the run, opens in The Barn at 8pm. Why not catch up with some of the cast afterwards in Cleere’s on Parliament Street (our usual haunt of choice). We’d love to meet up with those attending the show, hear your thoughts and have a wee chat before enjoying an aftershow tipple.

Here’s to two more good nights on the stage…

Kilkenny plays can sell. Who knew?

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