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Be Smitten – Kilkenny People Smitten Review

The following review was published in Gerry Moran’s column, in the Kilkenny People newspaper on August 27th 2008.

“On the topic of theatre and local talent, the Devious Theatre Company, whose production of Trainspotting in the Watergate Theatre I wrote about recently in this column, are up and at it again. They performed Smitten a two-act play written by a member of the company, John Morton, who also performs in the production. Smitten was staged in the Barn – Barnstorm’s intimate and charming theatre tucked away in what was once the Loreto convent in Church Lane.

Set in Kilkenny, Smitten primarily deals with the ups and downs, ins and outs of three young couples whose lives loosely interlink and who are trying to find their way in what came across as a rather cold, crude, ruthless, drink-sodden society.

“Alcoholism, pregnancy, testicular cancer, career choices, doomed relationships, sock puppets, mystery women,” these according to the programme, are some of the interweaving themes in Smitten. Too many perhaps, but unless you’re a philistine of the first order you’ll be smitten with Smitten. Never a dull moment, it is at times tender and touching, callous and cruel, but always humorous, engaging and entertaining.

And maybe our Arts Festival folk might take a look also at this energetic, exciting and productive theatre company – not least their talented writer John Morton – and offer them a platform for one of their productions for next years festival.

…The Devious Theatre Company…wonderful local talents.”

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