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Smitten Closes

Smitten wrapped on Saturday night to its eight standing ovation of eight performances and a packed (noisy and sweaty) house in Kilkenny Arts Office.

In short, it went really very well and the feedback to the show was absolutely spectacular. We enjoyed some lovely compliments and warm, receptive audiences. In fact, as the parting shot of our 6 month, 3 show In The Future When All’s Well season, it was the perfect ending to the residency, the season and our time living and working in Kilkenny Arts Office.

We’re currently wrapping up the residency (and doing a hell of a lot of cleaning up) so it will be another 2 weeks until we vacate the premises. On that note, we’ll have some very exciting news coming very soon. But until we make it, we’ll be striking, painting, cleaning and rebuilding.

But yes, if the word smitten means to be struck with a hard blow, well then consider us knocked out cold. Thanks to our wonderful cast, amazing crew and all our supporters and audience members.

You are the flutters in our hearts.

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