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Shoplifters Of The World Unite!

Can't Pay? Won't Pay! - The Chase

Rebel against prices! Kick inflation in the gut!

Can’t pay? Won’t pay! Can’t pay? Won’t pay!

Take up the battle call of beleaguered housewives!

Only pay what you feel products are worth! Make self reduction permanent!

Take matters into YOUR own hands! Let those hands grab what belongs to THEM! Stick it to the MAN!

Co-Operation is all you need!

Shoplifters of the world UNITE!

Can’t Pay? Won’t Pay! opens on March 10th and runs until March 14th in Set Theatre, Kilkenny. Tickets are 13 Euro and can be bought at the Set Box Office or booked on 056 – 7765133. They can also be bought in Rollercoaster Records, Kieran Street. For online bookings, click on the link above.

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