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Shifting: Exchange

When we began the residency, even before we began the residency at Kilkenny Arts Office, we put out a call for writers to join us for the year. Three of those writers – John Kennedy, Rhian Gibson and Eleanor Walsh – are involved with us in Shifting (writing, acting and assistant directing respectively), which opens next week (get your tickets here) and they’ve been putting pen to paper again of late for a series of audio shorts in advance of the opening of our next production.

These shorts are also going to air on KCLR 96FM’s Edwina Grace Show (with today’s short going to air a short while ago, around 5:30pm). Today, tomorrow and Friday after the pieces go to air we’ll be bringing you the audio shorts here on the blog and over on SoundCloud.

This first piece, Exchange, was written by Rhian Gibson. Rhian makes her debut performance with us for Shifting, playing the role of Hillary. The piece is voiced by Stephanie Cassin and was produced by Ken McGuire.

Shifting: Exchange by Devious Theatre

The development of the radio pieces, apart from being produced to promote the show, was to explore the definition of the word shifting. Long recognised as one of Kilkenny’s favourite terms for kissing / meeting / facing / tonguing / sconing, the word does have several meanings, each very different to the other. For the pieces, we gave the writers three different defintions and let their pens run wild. They had to keep it local, keep it within their age range but outside of that, the pieces very much are of their own making.

Click play above and introduce yourself to the world of Shifting. Grab yourself a ticket online, check out the Facebook event and hopefully we’ll see you at the Arts Office between Monday and Saturday coming. By the by, we’re also open on Good Friday. Bring some wine, knock yourself out, have the craic with some good quality theatre.

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