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Second Round Of Auditions Come And Go

The second round of auditions for Cannibal! The Musical! have passed off, relatively without a hitch. It is great to see a bunch of people get together and have no issues about singing for auditions, even the people you would think least likely wanting to sing.

The callbacks last night were for all principal characters and there were no disappointments, making thing that bit more difficult when it comes down to casting. We’ve got one more sessions, scheduled for next week which should draw to a close the principal cast for the show – leaving eight or so secondary roles to cast, with actors already in mind for these parts.

The singing was a small surprise last night (we chose not to warn people in advance, to reduce preparation and see how it was handled on the spot) and it went off quite well. The venue chosen was the cozy upstairs of iD on Parliament Street in Kilkenny which has a small stage to the rear of the floor. With windows open over the street I’m sure people got a laugh or two hearing a choral rendition of ‘Hang The Bastard’ at 10pm while passing the venue.

Needless to say, we have moved one step closer to finalising the team for the show, one final sessions remains while both myself (Ken) and Kev have started early work in the script in preparation of the stage adaptation (scene breaks, early movements etc.) which looks to wrap this week.

There’s your healthy dose of Cannibal! news for today. Tickets can now be booked in The Watergate Theatre on 056 – 7761674.

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