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Out To Sea

some_flood_production2One down…

We had a great preview last night with the lads leaving a healthy flood of sweat on the stage. Tonight we officially open Some Flood at Tiger Dublin Fringe. Here’s the first look at the show in Fringe action with Kevin Mooney and Eddie Murphy complemented by the fantastic set design of Kate Moylan and Maggie Donovan’s beautiful lighting design. We’re all set for tonight so grab a ticket and come join us in Smock Alley Theatre at 9.15pm. There are still a couple of tickets left but be warned, it’s selling out quick!

We’re also hoping the Kilkenny hurlers will give us an extra reason to celebrate tonight. The hurling influence on the play can be glimpsed here with two hurls stationed in the background. From party thrashing in Shifting to zombie bashing in Night Of The Dead, we like to show our Kilkenny colours with inventive uses of hurls in plays.

This picture makes it look like Some Flood is a kids show. We assure, it isn’t.

Some Flood opens tonight September 7th at 9.15pm and runs until Friday 12th September. For more info check out our page on the Dublin Fringe website and to buy tickets you can also visit the Fringe Box Office at Filmbase or call 1850 374643.

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