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Scrounging For Tickets

Phantasm had its debut showing in Kilkenny last night, kicking off the third annual OUT For The Weekend festival.

John Kennedy’s one act comedy opened to a packed house in Cleeres Theatre at 8pm last night and we were squeezing in chairs until the last minute. The show went off without a hitch. Actually, no, the bed collapsed but that’s what happens when you put camp beds on a stage with actors jumping on them (it happened to us for Heart Shaped Vinyl too) but other than that, hitchless! The response was fantastic and it kicked our final run of the show in 2012 off in style. The Kilkenny People already tweeted that it was ‘a great night of theatre’ so there ya go!

Demand for tickets has been escalating to the point last night where we sold it out within the last half hour. If you want to see Phantasm there are two performances per day for the next two days and we recommend that you get your tickets soon for what will be our last show of 2012. You can buy your tickets in Cleeres Theatre on Parliament Street or else pre-book them on 056 – 7762573. Online ticket sales can be done right here.

Don’t end up scrounging for tickets like an auld fox in a dirty bin!

Photo by Ross Costigan (cleverer than a fox)

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