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Scratcher Tickets On Sale Now

Roll up, roll up, the tickets for Scratcher in Kilkenny have gone on sale. We’ve put the online tickets on sale as of 4pm today and they’re already selling (according to our email anyway).

Getting your hands on tickets is easy. You can

As with Accidental Death of an Anarchist and Can’t Pay? Won’t Pay! we’re offering our online tickets through EventBrite who, for the past two shows, have made everything really easy for us. You can pay for your tickets and print them off the web directly and bring them along with you on the night.

Online tickets are priced €12 and carry a booking charge of €1.05 per ticket. As we’ve just announced the ticket details, we’ve also got a special offer for you as well. When the physical tickets go on sale at Kilkenny Arts Office this coming week, they’ll also be on sale for €12, with no booking fee.

So, until Tuesday we’ve got an online offer for you. Use the coupon code ‘booking105‘ and you’ll get 10% off per ticket when you buy online, effectively saving you the booking fee and a few cent extra on the cost of a full price ticket. After Tuesday, the online tickets will be back at €12 plus booking fee.

Tickets are very limited. Unlike previous shows where we’ve been lucky enough to host up to and over 200 people a night, we’re capping tickets at a max of 70 per night.

Scratcher opens in Kilkenny at No 76 John Street on Tuesday 22nd, running until Saturday 26th. Keep an eye on the blog after the weekend for details on how and when you can pick up physical tickets.

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