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We’re very proud (and quite delighted) to announce that our newest play Scratcher will be playing as part of THE THEATRE MACHINE TURNS YOU ON: Volume II which opens on February 15th. Produced by the top lasses and lad at THEATREclub, the festival showcases a shitload of new work, mostly performed by people considered ‘young’ in today’s society. Scratcher plays the Project Arts Centre, Dublin on Thursday, February 17th at 7pm. Click on this here link for more info on the festival.

Scratcher is a dark, satirical comedy set in a social welfare office on a gloomy Tuesday morning as 6 unemployed people slowly begin to transform into a revolutionary outfit bent on holding the country hostage. Signing on has never been so fun. This is social warfare.

The cast are Alan Butler, Ross Costigan, Amy Dunne, Ken McGuire, John Morton, Annette O’Shea and David Thompson. The show is written and directed by John Morton. It will open in Kilkenny at No. 76 John Street from February 22nd – 26th at 8pm nightly. We’ll be putting the tickets on sale for next week but be warned, they’ll be limited. Best get your guns blazing.

For all info on the play, please stay tuned to this here website.

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