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Roll Up

Colin O’Brien and Hazel Doyle smoke it up in Phantasm.

Yup, it’s definitely time to get rolling.

Phantasm is just under 2 weeks away from opening at Solstice. We’ve been thick in rehearsals for the play this week, the actors are hitting their rhythm and it’s rolling into a nice bit of shape in time for its June 28th bow in Cork.

Tickets for the show are €5 and can be bought here. It’s a limited capacity and with only two performances (the other being on June 30th at 4.30pm) then you best grab tickets while you can!

The show is our shortest (and smallest) to date and at present, it’s making a real nice, light change from the heavy duty rehearsals and zombie factory of Night Of The Living Dead. If you enjoyed our production of John Kennedy’s Shifting, then Phantasm is very similar in tone, although definitely on the more fantastical scale. It’s a real leap forward for John as a writer and we’re really looking forward to producing a new piece of work from Kilkenny’s best young playwright.

Also, congratulations to the guys at Solstice for hitting their Fund It target this week. It’s a sweet swell of relief and gratitude we know all too well!

Phantasm opens at Solstice at midnight on June 28th and also performs June 30th. For more information go to solsticecork.com/devious-theatre

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